High Roller Microgaming Casinos Survey

Surfing the internet in search for online casino, you can meet a phrase like “high roller” added to some headers. What does it mean? Here I’m going to reveal it and even show what advantages you can get at such high roller Microgaming casinos.

What is the Difference?

high rollers microgaming casinos

First of all, who is high roller? And why gambling houses love them so much? Microgaming casinos and addiction are two connected things, and partly that's about real high roller. Of course, it’s a player, but not usual one as you’d guess. So-called whales (another name for such members) used to play with pretty high bets and due to it are ready to make a huge deposits. Thus, you’ve got two answers at once :)

That's why, online casinos including Microgaming ones, try to attract such gamblers offering some special services. As a rule, such houses provide VIP Clubs, exclusive rewards and more loyal terms.

Special High Roller Welcome Bonuses

Let's start with the special High Roller Bonuses you can get being a whale. So, every newcomer can get some treats like match promotion on his first replenishment, but in this case the sums of extra cash can reach several thousands. Yes, if standard offer can be a several hundreds of bucks, here everything is counted with additional zero in the end.

Certainly, the minimum deposits are higher as well. So, if a regular player can cashin a few bucks to be eligible for a promo money, high rollers are to input at least hundreds or even thousand of dollars.

The terms and conditions applied to such offers can be the same as for standard bonuses and some times higher. It varies from casino to casino.

VIP Club and Privileges

Anyway, making a huge contribution at a time, high rollers become a VIP automatically. That means that such customers usually receive more comp points for each bet made. Noticing that how much whales can stake per time as a result their cash back and amount of points can be pretty impressive.

Besides that, there are lots of other privileges are yet to come. For example, high rollers have personal employee who is available for them 24/7 to provide any help. Royal treatment.

The ongoing promotions and loyalty rewards for VIP members are exclusive as well. It’s due to the bigger sums of cash they spent at online casinos which even provide special games for them where stake limits are higher too.

Banking Options and Limits

microgaming for whales

When we talk about casinos we mean money and everything linked to it. So, it's time to observe banking at high roller casinos. Another difference is the limits for bank transactions. It’s about the timing, sums and queues.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Of course, the range of payment systems provided for depositing and withdrawing funds will be the same as for whales so for regular players. At the first sight, high rollers have no privileges, but that's not the truth. Let's take a closer look then. Huh :)

See, when it comes to purchasing credits the limit is so high that even not every high roller can exceed it. The situation changes when you’re going to cash out money.

Usually the casinos allow you to withdraw no more than $5,000 per week. Of course, the sum can vary depending on the house and banking option chosen. When we talk about high rollers they can cash out such an amount or even more at a time.


Besides that, the time required for transactions differs a lot as well. Herewith, all payments made by VIP are proceeded faster. Thus, they can take away their winnings almost instantly and immediately. No delays. Yes, who pays more, get more.