Coast bikers not out for ‘war’

Jan 17, 2012

A BIKER spokesman says the only “war” involving motorcycle clubs on the Gold buy real phentermine 37.5 online Coast is a propaganda war.The United Motorcycle Council said police and politicians were “scaremongering” after an incident between members of the Rebels and Bandidos at a Surfers Paradise strip club last month.Speaking exclusively with the Sun, UMC spokesman Russell Wattie said no single club claimed Surfers Paradise as their exclusive “turf”‘.

And while there may be some bad blood between individuals, he said as far as he was aware there were no “simmering tensions” between clubs on the Coast.


“There is no war other than a propaganda war,” he said.


“The scaremongering is for no other reason than for the police to incite fear,” said Mr Wattie, also known as Camel.


“If the same scrutiny were applied to a football club or a church that is applied to bike clubs, it would show similar criminal activity at work in all stratas of society.


“There have been much more violent offences committed by non-club members that get no media attention.


“A simple fight between a couple of blokes with no weapons other than fists deserves no comment … in this day and age of the youth of the Gold Coast resorting to knives in their fights, they should look at a simple fist fight just as being the Aussie way to sort out their differences.”


The UMC, formed in 2009, represents 16 Queensland motorcycle clubs opposing anti-association laws which enable clubs to be declared criminal organisations.


The clubs claim it is unconstitutional for the “anti-freedom law” to ban bikers from associating with each other.


Mr Wattie, formerly a patched member of the Outcasts who resigned last year for “personal reasons”, said the laws were doomed to fail in Queensland just as they have when challenged in court in other states. The law has not yet been tested in Queensland.


“I believe (the “scaremongering”) to be the old magician’s trick look at this hand while the other is doing something he doesn’t want you to notice,” Mr Wattie said.


“Remember that ‘three-piece patch clubs’ contribute less than 0.03 per cent of the crime rate.


“The police and government officials contribute 6 per cent of the crime rate.”


The special bikie taskforce, Hydra, reported it was “too busy” to speak with the Sun for this story.