Media Release 15/02/12 United Motorcycle Council’s Australia

Feb 15, 2012

Media Release 15/02/12 United Motorcycle Council’s Australia Just a comment on the call by Barry Farrell for national Anti-Association Laws. Barry O’Farrell clearly has no grasp of the reason the NSW legislation failed in the High Court. It was nothing to do with the State based nature, but rather, the actual content of the law was repugnantto the rules of evidence.

Similarly worded legislation would fail even if it were Commonwealth law. As to the claim of bikers being cashed up through illegal activities; We challenge all governments involved in the High Court actions to show the people of Australia, how much the various governments spent just on the High Court challenges, then compare this to the claim for costs the Clubs have put in after their phentermine no prescription us pharmacy VICTORY in the High Court of Australia

The whole fight and push from the various state Governments for these laws we feel are nothing but a smoke screen to divert attention away from the various acts of mismanagement of the

Governments, from the Economy, unemployment, health, infrastructure and even the powerhouse of the Australian economy, the mining boom has been mismanaged.

The various State Governments know; Patch Bike Club crime contributes to .03% of the National Crime Statistics, yet .6% of the crime rate is generated by police and other Government agencies and political participants. Clearly this whole campaign is a Propaganda stunt to divert attention away from the failings of the government in management issues and the criminality inherent in the basic structure of our governments.


Spokesperson: Russell Camel Wattie.