Media Release 15/2/12 Police Brutality

Feb 15, 2012

The Courier Mail article today about the assault by police of a young Chef on his way home from work and a few drinks with his mates shows that the Queensland Police Service has learnt nothing in all the years since the Fitzgerald Inquiry. The Palm Island death in custody of Cameron Doomadgee has also provided no lessons to the QPS. What is it going to take to make these Government thugs get the picture? The people of Queensland deserve better than this, we have a right to expect some degree of integrity in our policing institutions. The disturbing thing with this Courier Mail piece today is,decoration they were unable to get a figure on the number of proven allegations. What is the QPS hiding? The suspicion is we would see a very low number of proven allegations.

Another thing that would be good to see, particularly in light of the recent increase in propaganda about the threat of Three Piece Patch Motorcycle Clubs, how many reported assaults from Bike Club members in the same time frame? If it were anywhere near the number of reported cases of Police Brutality there would be a Police guard on every Patch Member 24 hours per day by now.

Let’s put these figures in perspective, 13,875 assaults in ten years, that’s an average of 1387.5 per year or 26.6 per week. 26.6 per week. Did everybody get that? This is not an Australia wide figure this is just Queensland.

The following is from the Fitzgerald buy phentermine online 37.5 Inquiry;

The elite have control of the instruction and training of recruits and candidates for promotion, all of which is effectively designed and controlled by police officers and occurs substantially in isolation from other educational facilities, and in relation to discipline, promotions, transfers and appointments, subject to periodical political intervention.

With the passage of time, the Queensland Police Force has become an organization in which the corrosive effects of its culture are almost totally unameliorated by outside influences, with the consequences which are now apparent. The existing culture will not be rejected by the current elite or others who are amongst its central adherents, whose influence must be reduced and finally excluded…

This snippet from the Fitzgerald Inquiry shows why Police corruption exists and why it will never go away. Let us ponder for a moment, of the 14000 complaints of Police Brutality in the last 10 years; you could guess a figure of less than 10% of them proven, that leaves around 12600 complaints unfounded what it some of those people with legitimate complaints unfounded were to take the law into their own hands? If not them, then who? Who is going to police the Police? Clearly the CMC is shaping up to be a toothless tiger?

Is there a politician on either side of the political divide, prepared to take the bold steps that need to be taken to deal with a clearly out of control Police Force?



Spokesperson: Russell Camel Wattie.