Media Release Response to Premier Campbell Newman


Jul 21, 2014

Well Mr. Premier, the people have spoken- 18.6% swing against LNP Government

The Liberal National party government in Queensland has been sent a message in no uncertain terms. The voters in the Stafford by-election have recorded an 18.6% swing against the incumbent MP. This swing against the government is a direct result of their meddling in the judicial process and their passing of harsh, unfair and undemocratic laws.

The people have not been fooled by the rhetoric surrounding the so-called ‘anti-bikie’ laws. The voters in Stafford have told the Queensland State Government;

“Get rid of these anti-rights laws or we will get rid of you.”

These laws have no place in a modern democratic society. Every person living in or visiting Queensland could accidentally find themselves subject to these laws, which we would have thought, had been passed by Ghengis Khan, not by a LNP government in 2014.

And, while the police have been harassing motorcyclists of every description, using these laws as justification, organised crime groups have been making inroads into Queensland. The police have been wasting their buy real phentermine no prescription time and our money, better spent elsewhere, while the real criminals are laughing at them.

The voters in Queensland have had enough. The LNP will be removed at the next state election if they do not repeal these terrible laws and other state governments should learn from this experience. They will suffer the same fate if they treat the public like fools and take away what few rights they have left.

When the Queensland police start arresting librarians for having a drink with their partner, families for having a Christmas get together, visiting childhood friends for having an ice cream together and then tell the public they are evil criminals something has to give.

Remember that old saying Mr. Newman; that you can fool some of the people some of the time? Well your party has just found out that you can’t fool all of the people all of the time. The voters in Queensland will not be fooled twice. You must remove these laws Mr Premier or your government, like Ghengis Khan, will be history.

UMCQ Media Release