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UMCQ Social Membership is available to all individuals, costing only $58.00 annually (postage included).

New UMCQ Social Membership includes the following;

  • 12 Months UMCQ Social Membership
  • 1 x Membership Card (New members)
  • 1 x Exclusive Members only T-Shirt
  • (NEW) Member’s Discount Card
  • 1 x Cloth Patch

Please allow 28 days for delivery of your membership package.


The payment of UMCQ membership fees is changing.

All membership fees will become due each year commencing in October 2018. This change will assist all members and clubs by having a fixed month in which to renew their memberships and will assist in administering this process.

Payment of renewal fees will be between the 1st of October and the 31st of October. The shipment of membership merchandise will commence in November. If your renewal falls later in the year please consider bringing your renewal in line with the October period. This will ensure you get the maximum benefit of the Discount Card.

To assist with this and to ensure equity for those members whose fees cialis online prices normally fall due between May and September the renewal fee will only $38 including $8 P&H (to cover the costs of the 2019 membership merchandise). For those whose renewal falls between February and April your renewal fee will be $48 including $8 P&H. For all others the full membership renewal fee will apply. For current members you will be notified of your renewal fee amount in September each year starting September 2018.

To complete your UMCQ Social Membership application, please fill out the form below and ensure you select your preferred Payment Option (Method), ie: PayPal or Postal (Postal = Bank Cheque or Money Order).

Once submitted, you will be taken to the ‘Thank You’ page where a link is provided so that you can process the $58.00 annual UMCQ Social Membership Fee via your preferred payment option. A PayPal link is provided if this is your preference, or the postal details are provided to send in your bank cheque/money order if this is your chosen payment method.

  • Contact Info

  • Other Clubs (Optional)

  • Another contact for you (optional)

If you have any further questions/queries in regard to UMCQ Social Membership, we can be contacted via email: or Postal: PO Box 1397 Beenleigh Qld 4207.

The UMCQ thank you for your support!