2018 UMCQ Membership now available !!!

UMCQ Social Membership is available to all individuals, costing only $58.00 Postage included. (annually). New UMCQ Social Membership includes the following; 12 Months UMCQ Social Membership, 1 x Membership Card (initial memberships only), 1 x Exclusive Members only T-Shirt, 1 x Cloth Patch To join today Click Here To renew please ensure you have logged […]

Yandina 7 Court Case Started this week

Way back on the 1st November 2013 just 3 weeks after the draconian VLAD and Anti-association laws were introduced by the Newman Government, 7 men were arrested for the having a beer in their local pub (not all at the same time mind you, but yes on the same day). These men have been denied […]