UMCQ Membership Renewals NOW DUE.

All UMCQ membership renewals are NOW DUE.

With the new changes all renewal fees will NOW be between the 1st of October and the 31st of October. This change will ensure that all existing members get their UMCQ t-shirts and patches from the beginning of each year. The shipment of membership merchandise will commence in November.

You will need to go to the UMCQ website and re-submit your membership application and select the payment option that applies to you. The membership options are based on when you would have normally renewed your membership and compensates you prorate.

If your current renewal dates fell between May and September then buy viagra without rx your renewal fee for 2018 will be $38, if between February and April it will be $48, and all others will be the full $58 fee. This includes the P&H. There after your renewal fee will fall due each year in October. The current full membership fee is $58 (including P&H). Please pay your renewal fee between the 1st and 31st of October.

If you have an automatic renewal of your membership fees please cancel your old payment plan in Paypal. You can then set up your new automatic membership renewal to fall due in October each year.

All the best from the UMCQ administration.