Yandina 7 Court Case Started this week

Way back on the 1st November 2013 just 3 weeks after the draconian VLAD and Anti-association laws were introduced by the Newman Government, 7 men were arrested for the having a beer in their local pub (not all at the same time mind you, but yes on the same day).

These men have been denied their day in court while the case was put on hold for three and a half years, the prosecution and media saying it was delayed by a State Government review of the criminal association legislation, is this the truth??? I highly doubt it, probably more due to a piss weak case.  However, while some alterations were made to the controversial buy phentermine buy cheap generic cialis online 37.5 mg Newman government laws, legislation relating to their alleged offence still exists so the matter was able to proceed.

They are each charged with one count each of being knowingly present in a public place — the Yandina Hotel on November 1, 2013 — with two or more people who were participants in a “criminal organisation” (their description not ours), namely the Rebels motorcycle club.

The five who faced Maroochydore Magistrates Court on Tuesday all delivered a firm plea of not guilty. The other two men’s cases are not currently before the courts.

The case is expected to run into next week.


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